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Focused on Airport Baggage Handling Applications

ECI stocks the baggage handling replacement parts you need and provides maintenance and training to keep your baggage handling systems running. All 36' wide belts used in airport systems are available to ship same day. ECI belts supplied to airports meet all Fire Retardant Airport Specifications. Spec Sheets are available upon request.

Replacement parts in stock at ECI:

  • Christplant Tilt Tray Sorter Wheels
  • Dura Surf Products
  • FKI Merge Belts
  • G&T Diverter Belts
  • G&T Merge Belts
  • Incline Belts - Diamond, LG and RT
  • Motorized Pulleys
  • Portec Replacement Belts
  • Portec Replacement Chain
  • Portec Replacment Hardware
  • Q-Belts
  • Siemens HSD 1 Belts
  • Siemens HSD 1 Replacement Bearing
  • Siemens HSD 2 Belts
  • Siemens Merge Belts
  • Slope Plates
  • Slope Plate Wheels
  • Support Rollers 2.5" & 3.5"
  • Ticket Counter Belts
  • Transnorm Merge Belts
  • Transnorm Replacement Belts
  • Transnorm Replacement Pulleys

ECI for the:

  • right part
  • best solution
  • best service
  • all at a competitive price

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