Specialized Distribution for Material Handling Applications
Experts in Airport, Postal, Warehouse & Distribution Center Systems

Distributing Quality Products
For Demanding Material Handling Applications

ECI is trained and knowledgeable on all supplier products and understands how to apply them in each application. With same day shipment on products at very competitive pricing, ECI delivers the right product for the right application at the lowest cost.


24V Powered Conveyor Rollers
AC Motorized Pulleys
Airport Slide Plate Replacement Parts
Airport Diverter Replacement Parts
Bearings (Commercial, Precision, Stainless Steel, Plastic, - for all tube types and diameters)

  • Belt Curves
  • Conveyor Belting (Urethane, PVC, Rubber, Silicone, Zip Link)
  • Custom Belting (Profiles, Cleats, Linatex, Feeder Belt, Picker Belt, Pull Belt, Perforated Belt, Food Grade Rubber Belt)
  • Flat Sorters
  • Plastic Modular Belting (All Profiles and Belt Types Available, Table Top Chain)
  • Power Transmission Belting (Flat Belt, Elastic Belt, Timing, V-Belt, Linear Motion Belting)
  • Timing Belts

Carton Flow Systems
Conveyors (Flat, Incline, Merge, Curve, - available in Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel)
Conveyor Components
Conveyor Lines
Conveyor Wheels
Curved Belt Replacements
Custom Machined Parts ( Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel)
Drive Rolls and Tail Pulleys
Flow Storage Systems
Hardened Steel Sprockets
Molded and Fabricated Rubber Products
Molded and Fabricated Urethane Products

  • Power Turn Replacement Belting (Transnorm, Portec, Flow-Turn)

Molded Plastic Parts
Pallet Flow Systems
Postal and Presort Replacement Parts (All OEM Belts, Rubber and Urethane)
Power Turns
Replacement Wheels (Tilt Tray Sorter Wheels, Carousel Wheels, Castors)

  • Conveyor Rollers (Commercial, Precision, Tapered, Galvanized, Plastic, Stainless, Aluminum, Tapered Hex)
  • AC Motorized Rollers
  • DC Motorized Rollers
  • Urethane Rollers

Roller Bearings
Sleeve Lagging
Sleeve Lagging Sorters
Stainless Wire Forms
Teflon Tapes
Welded Frames & Assemblies

ECI for the:

  • right part
  • best solution
  • best service
  • all at a competitive price

Discover all the ways ECI can reduce your costs and keep your systems running smoothly.