Specialized Distribution for Material Handling Applications
Experts in Airport, Postal, Warehouse & Distribution Center Systems

ECI Training Seminars Help Get Your Conveyors Back Up
and Running Faster, More Efficiently and in Less Time.

On-site technical training for airport, postal and warehouse material handling systems

ECI conducts technical training seminars tailored to your operations and personnel needs. Seminars are available for scheduling at your local facilities.

We developed these seminars to:

  • lower maintenance costs
  • increase MTBF
  • help improve system performance
  • lower energy costs
  • increase productivity

Seminars can include:

  • Complete belt installation
  • Flexco lacing training
  • Belt tracking procedures
  • Belt tensioning procedures
  • Roller deflection
  • Curve belt training
  • Safety
  • Belt scrappers and cleaners
  • Lagging on rollers and drums
  • Reducing belt chatter and noise
  • Identifying system contaminates
  • Cleaning these contaminates 
  • Tracking systems - automatic and stationary trackers
  • Conveyor design review
  • Tracking belts using snub rollers
  • Identifying different manufacturers belting
  • Guidelines on belt sizing and selection
  • Fire retardant specifications
  • Proper use of tracking profiles
  • Different ways of feeding belts on conveyors
  • Belt repair while on system - building repair kits
  • Cold splicing - Lap prep - different glues used – nip-and-roll pressure
  • Lace sizing, installation and troubleshooting
  • Lacer repair
  • Energy saving polymers
  • Identifying conveyor problems